World Traveling Skin Art Professional, Certified Tranformational Life & Success Coach & Clothing Designer

Jerry Hammond is a second-generation tattoo artist and a first-generation American citizen who has been living in Mexico since the age of 17. He has has been traveling the world tattooing, exploring, meeting, and sharing people's life stories through the art he creates on their skin. He is also a certified Transformational Life & Success Coach, which has been a blessing because, combined with his life experience he has been able to connect and help many clients pass some of the most difficult situations in their lives through mindset, perspective, meditation, etc. He believes the most precious currency that exists besides time and energy is inspiring other humans to want to be the best version of themselves for them, for their family and for the world!

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Arizona, Atlanta, San Felipe, Baja California, Texas, Miami, Florida, Los Angeles, England, Spain

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