Dynamic Wellness Collective

Dynamic Wellness Collective

Dynamic Wellness Collective


- 6 Months -

Join the vibrant community of achievers in Dynamic Wellness Collective with Jerry! Experience the power of group synergy as Jerry leads exhilarating live coaching sessions covering fitness, nutrition, and overall well-being. Forge connections with like-minded individuals in our exclusive online community and benefit from weekly check-ins with Jerry to supercharge your progress.

• Features:

• Live group coaching sessions with Jerry for Q & A for any questions on WELLBEING/MINDSET/TRAINING/NUTRITION/LIFE

• Custom workout routine created by Jerry on private training app.

• Weekly progress check-ins to keep you on the fast track to success.

• We talk about your goals and Jerry creates custom perfect nutrition plan which is tracked daily.

• Weekly support available through messaging on app

• Ignite Your Wellness Journey: Priced at a compelling level, the Dynamic Wellness Collective with Jerry is your ticket to a transformative experience. Ignite your wellness journey and achieve your goals within a vibrant community.

Areas Covered

Arizona, Atlanta, San Felipe, Baja California, Texas, Miami, Florida, Los Angeles, England, Spain

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